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1928® Pewter Settings

John F. Allen is pleased to offer high quality pewter settings and components, made and designed in the USA by the 1928 jewelry company. Founded in 1968 by Mr. Mel Bernie in Burbank California, Jewelry remains one of the premier fashion jewelry manufactures in the USA. For over 50 years, the Jewelry Company has been known for its many unique and vintage styles of jewelry, and we are honored and pleased to be one of a select few companies to whom 1928 has agreed to offer a selection of their lead free pewter castings. This initial offering has been curated by us to work with our line of vintage cabochons, cameos and other jewelry components. However, with thousands of designs in the 1928 archives, we are already planning to add new styles on a regular basis, so stop by often to see what has arrived!
Necessary Disclaimer time: Please note that all design items are copy rite protected. Absolutely buy them, use them in your designs, mention that they are 1928 settings for marketing, etc. However, none of these pieces may be reproduced as components or copied in any material, nor can molds be made from them and offered for resale. You also cannot claim that the pieces made using these components are actually jewelry from , only that the pewter metal part you purchased is.
Example: “Vintage Cameos set into a pewter setting” would be OK, but “ Jewelry cameo in pewter setting” would not be OK…
We are VERY excited here to launch this new line from and welcome any feedback or requests you may have for additional styles.
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